23-24-25-26 February 2014
Drassanes Reials, Barcelona Maritime Museum
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The sports cars of the 50´s

The firm of Barcelona RENOVATIO CARS , specializing in sports cars of the 50s , this event presents Excellence in Life new exclusive distribution models for Spain replica legendary sports classic . The RCH 356 models , versions Carrera GT Speedster , Speedster Classic , Elegance Speedster , the most faithful versions of original models and special versions Speedster Turbo GT 356 Gulf Wide Body and the 550 Spyder are markedly character competition. These new high displacement models are motorized with German mechanical Porsche and Volkswagen. RENOVATIO CARS , also has distribution PGO Speedster II model and PGO Cevennes , a French Peugeot engine this year and redesigned models , updating its interior and adding new features and models with both motorized mechanical BMW. These models are versions of the German classic, which features a design and latest sports cars to modern performance. Soon, RENOVATIO CARS introduce in its offer , new cars , inspired by the classic American sports , European approved .