23-24-25-26 February 2014
Drassanes Reials, Barcelona Maritime Museum
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  Company impelled by professionals with experience resisted in all the fields that form the organization of events. Their members contribute the experience acquired after years of organization of fairs, events, concerts and all type of celebrations.

Its members provide the experience acquired after many years of organizing fairs, events, concerts and all sorts of celebrations from the external promotion of an event to the audio-visual management of any excellent act; introducing in all the cases distinguishing elements that they generate new expectations, new forms of business and surprising ways to communicate.

Our goals are innovation, search of quality and creation of the best structure and strategy for each event.

We offer and we managed needs of communication for the events, as for the possible clients interested in giving the maximum yield to its presence in communicative acts: audio-visual, graphical management interactive, points of information, creation of events, design and assembly of stands, promotional acts, sponsorships...the differentiation is our objective.

Tel. 972 105 463 / 93 200 8963
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