23-24-25-26 February 2014
Drassanes Reials, Barcelona Maritime Museum
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Venetian Masks

Carlo Franco Multidisciplinary artist linked to the scenic arts,specializing in makeup and characterization as well as in the making of Venetian masks and personalized art works suchas painting in fabric or different sized sculptures. "All these interests became one form of art, creating and bringing to reality the ephemeral illusions both in a room of exhibitions and on a set or a stage. It led me to materialize this union of concepts in masks that cover the face as an elegant and baroque way of reality, one that we are sometimes too shy to show. The mysterious, impersonal and obscure beauty a mask provides causes a morbid suspense only increased by the fact that it allows us to barely guess the eyes of who it is, as a little hole through which to undress the person who wears it.There is an eroticism that lays in the delicate line which separates the carnival-like pose from the deeply elegant pose."